La Destilería

A unique place in Malaga to enjoy our own cocktails and signature cocktails.

Avant-garde cocktail bar

We defend our own style of cocktail bar, with a lot of personality, distancing ourselves from the rest of the cocktail bars in Malaga. We offer our customers quality cocktails at an affordable price, promoting an alcoholic culture in which the nuances and components of each cocktail are appreciated, its how and why.

Our premises in Calle Beatas are designed to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, where you can enjoy every sip of the cocktail, the company and the numerous shows, concerts, workshops and tastings that we organise.


The cocktail bar is an art, a way of understanding life, enjoying the moment and knowing how to make the perfect combinations that make you enjoy the company, the atmosphere and life even more.

Each cocktail requires a process that, together with the quality of the ingredients and the work of the bartender, creates an experience in itself.

At La Destilería we are proud of our cocktail makers, who work every day to perfect their creations, trying to offer you the best cocktails in Malaga.

Coctelería en el centro de Málaga | Cocktail bar in Malaga | La Destilería

A cocktail bar with its own style

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Amazing Cocktails
Pambos Varoshiotis
Pambos Varoshiotis
Top Bar
Nigel Ainscoe
Nigel Ainscoe
Super cool bar with incredible cocktails and nice staff. Live music some nights.
Renata Aščić
Renata Aščić
Amazing food, nice atmosphere
Marc Van Riesen
Marc Van Riesen
Leuke tent, cocktails mogen wat meer alcohol bevatten. Live muziek toen wij er waren
Mark Nortje
Mark Nortje
Nice cocktail bar

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Calvados, Lillet Blanc y nuestra soda de té Verde con Manzana horneada.

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Nuestra “Piña Colada”. Sedosa y con un ligero toque herbal y mentolado.
¿Quieres vivir el mejor ambiente del centro de #Málaga? Estamos en Calle Beatas, somos #𝐋𝐚𝐃𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐚
Día de 🍹 cóctel...¡y lo sabes! 👈 Ven y disfruta de la mejor música y los mejores cocktails del centro de #Málaga 📍
Prueba... ¡Y repetirás! Ambiente, buena música, los mejores cócteles y un trato familiar que te cautivará desde que entres.

¿Te animas? 😉

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Calle Beatas, nº 1, Málaga



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